Embedded processors are the processing brains of electronics that gather inputs from analog chips and perform computational processing to operate a system. Embedded processors can be low power and enable long battery life or energy efficient products, or they can be high performance to allow complex analytics systems or systems with high computational throughput and everything in between. Also included are wireless connectivity products that enable connectivity and help to bring life to the Internet of Things.

The goal of Emebedded Development Tools is to provide students an exposure to the fascinating world of Electronic Systems Design in Automotive, Communication, Industrial and Personal Electronic’s Applications.

ARM Development Tools

These processors are specifically used in portable devices like digital cameras, mobile phones, home networking modules and wireless communication technologies and other embedded systems projects due to the benefits,...

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MSP430 Development Tools

MSP microcontroller development kits and evaluation boards consist of an array of low-cost and advanced options ranging from LaunchPad development kits to full-featured experimenter boards, target socket boards...

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C2000 Development Tools

C2000 MCU Real-time control microcontrollers bring the power of a digital signal processor into a microcontroller architecture. These differentiated solutions are designed for developers looking to solve tough control...

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IOT Development Tools

The term "Internet of Things" (IoT) denotes a trend where a large number of embedded devices employ communication services offered by the Internet protocols. Many of these devices,...

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Booster Packs

Application-specific BoosterPack™ plug-in modules allow you to explore a broad range of applications, including capacitive touch, wireless sensing, LED lighting control, and more...

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