Reasons Teachers Love Labview

  1. Visual Thinking
  2. Pro Tools
  3. 21st Century Skills
  4. Real-World Examples
  5. Unlimited Creativity

Visual Thinking

Students have never known a time without Google. They would rather text than call. And they say email is "too slow." So teach where students live - on the screen. LabVIEW creates a digital view of your lesson for students to see and manipulate in real time. You’ll get to that ah-ha moment faster and have more fun along the way.

Get a clearer view

What you see is what you get. LabVIEW’s graphical environment illustrates exactly how your lesson works on the screen. They’ll get it at a glance.

Click. Drag. Relate

By manipulating lesson data right before their eyes, students will be reinforcing the relationships that make engineering concepts click.

Guess & Check in
no time flat.

With easy input and instant feedback, the class will test and retest quickly, finding insights through investigation, not by rote