Lekha WaveGuru Nava – Hardware platform is an ideal platform for 5G Small cell, 5G CPE, 5G Fronthaul and several other communication and EW applications demanding wide band data transceiver and processing.

Lekha WaveGuru Nava – 5G Hardware platform board is a Xilinx RFSoC based SDR board capable of hosting multiple Waveforms. The on-board wideband and RF sampling ADC and DAC ensures that with minimal change in the RF front end circuit, several combinations of Transmit power, receive gain, Multiplexing schemes (TDD/ FDD), can be achieved.

The Platform solution comes in a combination of the RFSoC board and a Radio Front end (RFE) board. The two boards are connected through the LPAF Interconnect. The RFE board has the needed Balun circuits and the Gain stages to deliver 23dBm power per DAC port. The receive chain has a 18dB LNA stage.

The RFE board is available for 3.5GHz TDD operation.


Baseband Processing
Baseband Processor Xilinx RFSoC – XCZU28DR-2FSVG1517E
SPI NOR Flash 2Gbit for Uboot & kernel
SD Card 16 GB
SDRAM PS DDR4 4GB On-board ( 64 bit data )
PL DDR4 4GB On-board ( 64 bit data )
Ethernet GigE, 1 Port
USB USB 2.0, 1 Port
UART UART at RS232 Levels, 1 Port Via Micro AB USB
LED Power ON, Status
SFP+ 10G Optical Interface 4 Ports
RF Specifications
DAC Port 14 bit x 8 Data converters, 6.5GSPS, Carrier frequency upto 4GHz
ADC Port 12 bit x 8 Data converters, 4 GSPS, Carrier frequency upto 4GHz
Number of DAC Ports 8 Single ended RF Ports on SMA Connectors
Number of ADC Ports 8 Single ended RF Ports on SMA Connectors
Clocking Internal and External clock input
AFE Board TDD Operation
LPAF Interconnect
Transmit Gain ; 35dB
Receive Gain : 18dB (Absolute Max. RF Input = -22 dBm )
Power Supply 12 V DC @ 10A
Mechanical TBD
Environmental Operating 0 to 50 deg C