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TableCurve 3D

"Having been a TableCurve 2D and 3D user since 1995, I can attest to its significant value for engineers. The program’s ease of use and its robust output have made it possible for me to take graphical empirical engineering relations and turn them into equations that can then be easily programmed into spreadsheets and computer programs. I highly recommend that both the TableCurve 2D and 3D programs be included in the toolbox of any engineer who uses graphical empirical data sets."

Thomas F. Blake, Geotechnical Engineer, Thousand Oaks, California

"I have tried other products including my own programs and I can truthfully say, ‘There is no competition to TableCurve programs.'"

Patrick Lestrade, Professor of Physics, Mississippi State University

"I was able to turn a two-week semi-accurate task into a two-hour precision task the minute I installed TableCurve."

Scott Slavik, Engineer and Researcher

"There is no comparison in terms of power and ease of use. Jobs that used to take me days now take 15 minutes with a much more powerful result."

Jack Mallinkrodt, Consulting Engineer

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