TableCurve 3D - Surface Fitting Features

TableCurve 3D

Technical Specifications

  • 453,697,490 built-in equations
  • 243 polynomials, including 18 Taylor series polynomials, 36 Chebyshev polynomials, 13 Fourier simple and true bivariate models, 9 Cosine Series models, 9 Sigmoid Series models
  • 260 rationals, including 4 rationals with Taylor series numerators and denominators and 40 Chebyshev rationals
  • 453,696,714 selective subset mixed basis function linear equations, of which up to 36,582 will be selected within a given fit
  • 72 3D nonlinear peak equations
  • 72 3D nonlinear transition equations
  • 24 3D nonlinear exponential and power equations
  • 4 robust plane equations
  • Rapid searching, sorting, and filtering of equations
  • User customizable equation sets
  • Full control of fit process, including goodness of fit criteria, minimization, and other options
  • Robust plane fitting option
  • Three robust fitting methods available for all nonlinear equations and user functions
  • UDF editor with push-button help for inserting functions
  • UDFs automatically compiled for speed
  • Up to 15 UDFs can be fit at one time, each with up to 10 adjustable parameters
  • Graphical UDF adjustment procedure for refining starting estimates
  • UDFs can be saved as libraries
  • Algorithms for gridded data include B-Spline, Bicubic+Akima, Akima III, B-Spl Var knots, NURBS
  • Algorithms for scattered data include Akima I, Akima II, Preusser, Renka I,Renka II, Renka III, Watson, Loess
  • Fill Sparse Grid option that uses scattered data interpolation algorithms to complete a sparse or incomplete grid
  • Interpolate Uniform grid option that uses scattered data algorithms to generate a uniform grid of estimated values
  • Evaluation option with automated table generation, includes function, derivatives, roots and cumulative volume
  • Full numeric and statistical summary, including coefficients, standard error, confidence limits, ANOVA, goodness of fit, measured function minima and maxima
  • Data summary with predicted values, residuals and confidence/prediction limits
  • Precision summary and term significance analysis
  • Quick Evaluation option for estimation at a point, minimum, maximum
  • Save Quick Evaluation and Evaluation across all sessions
  • Five levels of perspective for 3D viewing with full angular control of light source illumination
  • Confidence/prediction intervals (90%, 95%, 99%, 99.9%, 99.99%)
  • Intellimouse rotation of 3D view angles
  • Inspect any of the five first or second order partial derivatives
  • Surface-fit graph with customizable layout, backplanes, labels, grids, scaling, points, font, titles and resolution
  • All customizations rendered in real time
  • Fourteen types of gradient plots, including one each for Excel, Lotus and Quattro palettes
  • Four types of shaded plots with full angular control of light source illumination
  • Gradient and shaded plots use up to 32 colors
  • Mesh resolution up to 120x120
  • Contour plots can be added automatically
  • Full animation of fitted surfaces
  • Adjustable cache size and compression method for surface-fit graphs
  • 3D Residuals graphs

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