TableCurve 3D V4.0 Cumulative Patch

TableCurve 3D

TableCurve 3D 4.0 Patch Version 1

This patch Addresses the following issues in TableCurve 3D 4.0:

  • Evaluation Window: User must be able to import data from any file formats supported by evaluation window.
  • SigmaPlot Support: Import/Export of Sigma Plot files must be available and functioning.
  • New button in the main Tool bar: The "New" button in the main tool bar must remain/be enabled even if there is only one item in the TableCurve 3D Explorer.
  • ASCII editor: When we change the content of the ASCII editor and save it, the changes must be reflected in the TableCurve 3D Explorer.
  • Properties of TC3D.exe:The property sheet must reflect the product name correctly in the "product name" field.
  • Caption Bar:The caption bar in TC3D (v4.0 Standalone, v4.0 Network, v4.00.01, v4.00.01 Web version) Help/About box must not contain the word "windows" in it.


This patch Enhances the following in TableCurve 3D 4.0:

  • Portability of NoteBook: Notebook files are to be made portable, so that when a user copies or moves the notebook file from one system/drive/path to another it works fine. Users must ensure that data files that were used to create the notebook are in the same folder as the Notebook file.
  • Product Version in Help/About Box: The caption bar in the Help/About box of TC3D(v4.0 Standalone, v4.0 Network, v4.0.01and v4.0.01 Web version) installations should display the corresponding product version.

Important Installation Notes

This patch comes in the form of a self-installing executable. You need to run the downloaded file for the patch, which installs/updates appropriate program files to the correct directories on your computer.

The step-by-step installation procedures are as follows:

  • Download the file to your computer.
  • Click on the “Download Now” button below to start the download.
    Once the file is downloaded, “Double click” on the file from Windows Explorer or File Manager to start Installation.
  • Follow the program instructions.

Download – FileSize: 1.45 M.Bytes.

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