TableCurve 3D - Product Features

TableCurve 3D
  • Full 32-bit performance
  • Multitasking with 11 background thread surface-fit options
  • Advanced online help system
  • Drag and drop files for immediate fitting
  • Fully customizable 3D surface graphs, including gradient and shaded plots
  • Smooth bitmap rendering of graphs
  • Caching of compressed 3D surface-fit graphs for instant rendering, including background thread
  • Nonlinear sampler option for visualizing 3D surfaces of nonlinear models
  • TableCurve 3D Explorer - Offers an efficient method for managing as many data sources, XYZ data sets, and analyses as desired.
  • Notebook Files - Notebook files(SNBs)- small compact disk files containing data links, surface data specifications, and analysis parameters to facilitate similar analytical operations.
  • Batch Automation - Integrated automation that enables large numbers of data sets to be automatically fitted or processed in an unattended fashion.
  • MS Excel Enhancements - Data can now be saved from any procedure in an Excel 97/2000/XP or Excel 95 format for import by TableCurve 3D or by other applications supporting the XLS formats.
  • MS Word Enhancements - MS Word export automatically opens MS Word and transfers the graphs and reports directly, with a single button click.
  • Automatic Window Placement in Review - The Surface-Fit graph's control panel now offers six predefined tiling options to automatically open and place various Review windows.
  • Easy Add and Update - With a single button click, add or update parametric and non-parametric surface fits as sub-items to any data object.
  • One - step XYZ specification of all data - Construct all XYZ data sets in a file, such as an Excel workbook, in a single step.
  • Drag and Drop - Analytical procedures can be applied to different data sets using drag & drop, or copy & paste, options.
  • Office XP Style Toolbars
  • Mouse Wheel Surface Rotation
  • Up to 16,384 points in data table
  • 16.4 million points can be filtered into table using averaging digital import filter
  • Weights optionally assigned
  • File types: ASCII, Excel, Lotus, Quattro Pro, SigmaPlot, dBASE, DIF, SPSS
  • Graphical and numerical sectioning; graphically enable or disable data points
  • Apply calculations to X, Y, Z and Weight values
  • Spreadsheet-like data editing with optional graphing of data as they are being entered
  • Intrinsic smoothing of NURBS for gridded data, an enhanced 3D Loess procedure for scattered data
  • Publication-quality printed graphs
  • Image formats include bitmaps, metafiles, enhanced metafiles and device-independent bitmaps vFile formats include ASCII, Excel, Lotus, Quattro Pro and SigmaPlot
  • RTF (Rich Text Format) export available from all text windows
  • Multiline headers and color printing support were added for text and equation list windows
  • Photorealistic Rendering - The maximum resolution of surface plots has been increased to 250x250 (from 120x120) making the rendered surfaces more accurate and visually more photorealistic.
  • Continuous Surface Animation - The main window displays a surface plot that can be continuously animated, even while selecting different data sets.
  • Updated Excel and SigmaPlot Import - Imports the latest Excel and SigmaPlot File formats.
  • Improved Robust Fitting - The residuals in the merit function of the robust methods are scaled by the standard deviation of the Z values in the original data. This results in true scale invariance of the dependent or Z variable.
  • Code Generation - Adds code generation capability for MATLAB, C++ and JAVA in addition to the previously supported C, PASCAL, BASIC and FORTRAN.
  • Improved Evaluation Procedure - The ability to save and recall evaluation sequences as well as a live procedure with automatic update whenever an equation or algorithm setting changes.

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