TableCurve 2D - Automation

TableCurve 2D Automation Features

TableCurve 2D Version 5 can fit multiple data sets automatically in a batch-processing mode. The data source is either an Excel spreadsheet (or multiple spreadsheets) or an instrument via a custom DLL. In addition to curve fitting, the Automation feature is available for other TableCurve features such as noise filtering, smoothing, local regression, splines and autoregressive modeling and prediction.

Code Generation

  • Fortran 90, Fortran 77, C (64 and 80 bit), Visual Basic, QBasic and Pascal
  • Function code or function code with full test routines
  • Available for all built-in equations

Integrated Automation

  • Batch processing for automatically processing large number of data sets unattended; available for all major procedures
  • Multiple data sets in an Excel spreadsheet processed with the ease of single data set
  • Stream reports directly to MS Word 95/97/2000 or RTF format
  • DLL support for writing external data acquisition interface
  • Professional DLL automation interface for instrument manufacturers

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