TableCurve 2D Version 5.01 Cumulative Patch

TableCurve 2D V5.01 Cumulative Patch

This patch addresses the following issues in TableCurve 2D V5.01:

  • Code Generation dialog box: the code generation dialog box now appears upon clicking the code generation button in the curve fit review window.
  • EXCEL Code Generation: a problem in the Excel code generation for equations 6703-6706 is now fixed.
  • Evaluation Procedure: a problem that could occur under a certain set of conditions in the Evaluation procedure has been repaired. This problem occurs only if (1) The Evaluation window is open, (2) the Numeric window is closed, (3) the Data window is closed,(4) Confidence/Prediction intervals are disabled in the Curve-Fit Graph and (5) Confidence/Prediction intervals are checked in the Evaluation window. Under these conditions, the confidence/prediction intervals computed in the Evaluation procedure may be incorrect and a program crash may occur when reviewing certain models.

After installing the patch, the Help/About dialog box will display 5.01.03 as the Product Version number.

Those who have installed the previous patch (to update the product up to 5.01.01 or 5.01.02), will also need to install this patch, in order to update the product to 5.01.03.

Important Installation Notes

This patch comes in the form of a self-installing executable. You need to run the downloaded file for the patch, which installs/updates appropriate program files to the correct directories on your computer. More detailed step-by-step installation procedures are as follows:

  • Download the file to your computer.
  • Click on the “Download Now” button below to start the download.
  • Once the file is downloaded, “Double click” on the file from Windows Explorer or File Manager to start Installation.
  • Follow the program instructions.

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