SYSTAT Statistics


 For the price, there is no other program with the depth of statistical analysis that SYSTAT provides:

Probability Calculator

Random Sampling

Design of Experiments

Power Analysis

Descriptive Statistics

Fitting Distributions

Crosstabulation and Measures of Association

Correspondence Analysis

Loglinear Models

Nonparametric Tests

Multinormal Tests

Hypothesis Testing

Correlations, Distances and Similarities

Set and Canonical Correlation

Cronbach’s Alpha

Linear Regression

Robust Regression

Logistic Regression

Probit Regression

Partial Least-Squares Regression

Two-Stage Least-Squares

Mixed Regression

Smooth & Plot

Nonlinear Regression



General Linear Model

Mixed Model Analysis

Discriminant Analysis

Cluster Analysis

Factor Analysis

Time Series

Missing Value Analysis

Quality Analysis

Survival Analysis

Response Surface Methods

Path Analysis (RAMONA)

Conjoint Analysis

Multidimensional Scaling

Perceptual Mapping

Partially Ordered Scalogram Analysis with Coordinates (POSAC)

Test Item Analysis

Signal Detection Analysis

Spatial Statistics

Classification and Regression Trees

Monte Carlo (Add-on)

Quality Analysis (Add-on)