SYSTAT – Product Updates


SYSTAT Product Updates


To update SYSTAT Version 13 to the latest version (13.2), please click below.

Download Systat 32-bit Download Systat 64-bit

New License System supports on both 32 and 64 bit versions on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 OS.

SYSTAT 13.2 now provides full support for the following file formats:

  1. Sigmaplot – *.jnb
  2. Microsoft Excel (97-2013) (*.xls, *.xlsx)
  3. SPSS(..21) (*.sav)
  4. SAS (6-9) (*.sd2; *.sas7bdat)
  5. SAS Transport (*.xpt; *.tpt)
  6. MiniTab (8-13) (*.mtw)
  7. Statistica 12 (*.sta)
  8. Stata (..12) (*.dta)
  9. JMP (3-11) (*.jmp)
  10. DBase (*.dbf)
  11. ASCII Text (*.txt; *.dat; *.csv)
  12. ArcView (*.shp)
  13. Lotus (*.wk1; *.wk2; *.wk4;*.wks)
  14. DIF (*.dif)
  15. Statview (*.svd)

Fixed Issues:

– 32 bit and 64 bit

  1. Broken command line scripts: SYSTAT command line scripts were failing to execute because of IE upgrade from 6.0 to higher versions. The problem is fixed.
  2. Unsynchronized commands generated in the log file problem fixed.
  3. Saved scripts generated through the Start/Stop utility were unusable as they did not have extension. Now the scripts get saved with extension.
  4. Commands generated through LOGLIN dialog are case sensitive and Systat would recognize only Uppercase. Now SYSTAT recognizes both the cases.
  5. Start page’s Scratchpad now supports all keyboard shortcuts.
  6. Replace (Ctrl+H) is enabled in batch tab of command space.
  7. New toolbar button disabled when Interactive and log tabs are clicked.
  8. Frozen menu in Start page is cleared.

64 bit only

  1. In 64-Bit application, response to mouse center button in Grid Scroll bar was erroneous, the problem is solved.
  2. In 64-bit SYSTAT, non-display of Data Edit bar in Grid View is corrected.

Legacy Versions

The following product updates for legacy versions can be used in both single user and network-client installations:

SYSTAT 12 Update

SYSTAT 12 32-bit Version: (66.8 MB)

SYSTAT 12 64-bit Version: (72.0 MB)

Installation Instructions:

  • Close SYSTAT if open
  • Download the zipped file to your machine desktop
  • Unzip the file
  • Double click the file to execute it
  • Follow the prompts during installation
  • Default File Locations for Saved Files:
    Data, command, graph and output files are not being saved if their default file locations have read-only accessNote: This patch resets the default file locations for data, command, graph and output files to the respective SYSTAT 12 user folders.
  • Text Import Delimiter Options:
    While importing text files (.dat, .txt), a dialog will pop up to specify the delimiters in the file. You can also specify whether the first row should be treated as a header or not.
  • String Variable Width:
    There will be a global option to specify the default maximum width of newly defined string variables.
  • Excel 2007 Import and Export:
    SYSTAT will be able to import and export files in Excel 2007 format (.xlsx).
  • Decimal and Digit Grouping Symbols for Numbers:
    Numbers in the data and output will adhere to the numeric format set in the Regional and Language options of the Windows Control Panel. You can now type numbers in the Data Editor using the specified decimal and digit grouping symbols.
  • Translation of Legacy Commands:
    A utility to translate legacy command files and scripts will be available through the Utilities -> Command -> Translate Legacy Command Files… menu item. The utility will also be independently available through the SYSTAT 12 program group in the Windows Start Menu.
  • Shading tables from Crosstabulation:
    Tables from crosstabulation will be shaded (optionally) based on the standardized deviate values.
  • Percents and Deviates from Standardized Tables :
    Crosstabulation will provide options to compute table, row and column percents, deviates and standardized deviates from standardized tables.
  • Computing Sums as Cell Statistics in Crosstabulation:
    Crosstabulation will be able to compute sums of a variable as cell statistics.
  • Saving Original Series Along with the Transformed One through Dialog:
    The Analyze: Time Series: Transform dialog will have an option to save the original series along with the transformed one.
  • Bar Graph as part of Variable Statistics for Categorical Variables:
    A bar graph will appear in the Variable Statistics dialog for categorical (numeric) variables.
  • Labels for Multiple Pie Charts:
    If pie charts for multiple variables are requested, each pie will have the corresponding variable name or label as a frame title. These will consider the VDISPLAY setting.
  • Ruler Bars in Page View Mode of the Graph Editor:
    Ruler bars will appear in the Page View mode of the Graph Editor.
  • Spin with Mouse in the Context Menu of the Graph Editor:
    An option to ‘Spin with Mouse’ will appear in the context menu of the Graph Editor.
  • Asterisk to Indicate Edited File:
    If a change is made in an open or new data/command/output file, the corresponding tab caption will be suffixed by an asterisk.
  • IF .. THEN FOR:
    The IF .. THEN FOR loop will be supported.
  • Cancel Dialog for Large Jobs:
    A Cancel Job dialog will appear for large jobs.
  • Tutorials:
    A set of tutorials on some of the statistical analyses that can be performed through SYSTAT will be available through the Help menu. The erstwhile tutorials will be available through the Demos menu item in the Help menu.

Quick Reference and New and Modified Commands:
A ‘Quick Reference’ of SYSTAT commands and a list of ‘New and Modified Commands’ will be available through the Help menu.

  • Analysis Slower in the Presence of Categorical Variables:
    If categorical variables are used in an analysis, the time taken to generate results has increased significantly.
  • Mixed Models Gives Incorrect Results for Fisher’s LSD Test:
    For a mixed model analysis, if the Fisher’s LSD test is requested, then the LS-means are computed incorrectly.
  • Variable Statistics in the Presence of Frequency Variable:
    SYSTAT crashes if variable statistics are requested for a data file containing a frequency variable.
  • Database Capture Not Working for SQL Databases through Dialog:
    If one tries to import from SQL databases through the Database Capture dialog, the list of tables is not shown.
  • Graph Axis Label Placed Too Far From Axis if Superscripts or Subscripts are Used:
    For any graph, if the axis label contains superscripts or subscripts, the label is displaced too far from its usual position.
  • GLM: Hypothesis Test Dialog Unusable:
    When a model is fit using GLM, and then the GLM: Hypothesis Test dialog is opened, the variables in the Effects list are all replaced by "CONSTANT".
  • Cell Values in an Excel Worksheet Containing Functions Imported as Zeros:
    If an Excel 97 – 2003 worksheet containing functions is imported into SYSTAT, the values in cells containing functions are imported as zeros.
  • "This module is not activated" Message after Applying the Patch to SYSTAT 12:
    An error message "This module is not activated." appears when any feature is invoked after applying the patch to SYSTAT 12.
  • Applying the Patch to SYSTAT 12 in Windows Vista:
    The patch does not get applied properly for SYSTAT 12 installed in Windows Vista.
  • EXTRACT with the VARIABLES Option Gives "Unable to read input file." Error Message:
    If an EXTRACT command is issued with the VARIABLES option, an error message "Unable to read input file." appears.
  • Merging Data Files Using a String Key Variable Crashes SYSTAT:
    If two data files are merged based on a string key variable, SYSTAT crashes.
  • Importing .CSV Files:
    While importing .csv files into SYSTAT, it still considers characters like space and tab as column separators.
  • Viewing Value Labels in the Data Editor:
    Viewing of value labels in Data Editor is affected by the LDISPLAY setting.
  • Merging with more than One Key Variable:
    Merging data files with more than one key variable crashes SYSTAT.
  • Trimming Data:
    Issuing a TRIM command four times, causes all the cases to be highlighted as if no cases have been trimmed. Issuing a TRIM command after selecting a subset of cases, trims out all the cases in the data file. Drawing a graph after trimming produces error messages or incorrect graphs and, in some cases, crashes SYSTAT.
  • A Probability or Quantile Plot with the Residual and Influence Options:
    If a probability or quantile plot is requested with the RESIDUAL and INFLUENCE options, an empty frame appears.
  • Drawing a Graph after the SAMPLE Command:
    If a graph is drawn after performing resampling for Basic Statistics, Correlation or Regression, or after issuing the SAMPLE command, SYSTAT crashes.
  • Resetting the Zoom-In Tool While Switching to Another Graph:
    The Zoom-in tool in the Graph Editing toolbar does not reset while switching to another graph.
  • Value Labels for a Histogram:
    Value labels should be ignored for a histogram.
  • An Overlaid Graph in the Presence of a Frequency Variable:
    In the presence of a frequency variable, an overlaid graph does not appear correctly.
  • Transposing a Dual Plot:
    If a dual plot is drawn with the TRANSPOSE option, it does not appear correctly.
  • Range Bar Chart:
    If a range bar chart is requested, SYSTAT hangs.
  • Appending Variables through the Dialog:
    In the Append Variables dialog, select key variables and request saving of the merged file. SYSTAT fails to merge the files.
  • File -> Submit -> File… When the Commandspace is Closed:
    The File -> Submit -> File… command is not available when the Commandspace is closed.
  • Merging .SYS files through the Data: Merge Files: Append Variables Dialog:
    The Data: Merge Files: Append Variables dialog does not list variables from .sys files and so such files cannot be merged.
  • Inserting String Variables from the Clipboard:
    When string variables with width longer than 12 characters are inserted from the clipboard, the values get truncated at 12 characters.
  • Classic Theme Accelerator Keys:
    Some accelerator keys in the Classic theme have conflicts with others.
  • Requesting N- & P-Tiles with Resampling in the Basic Statistics Dialog:
    It is not possible to simultaneously request N- & P-Tiles with Resampling in the Basic Statistics dialog.
  • Using the Analyze: Regression: Probit Dialog with By Groups:
    If one or more by groups variables are defined, and the Analyze: Regression: Probit dialog box is used, SYSTAT crashes.
  • MS-DOS Name in the SYSTAT Window Title Bar:
    Double-clicking a data file opens the file with the MS-DOS name in the title bar of the SYSTAT window.
  • Exporting Data Files Through File -> Save As:
    The File: Save As dialog for data files always inserts the extension .syz irrespective of the file type specified. The user has to manually change the extension depending on the file type.
  • Variable Editor Variable Label Column:
    The information in the Variable Editor’s Variable Label column changes, contingent upon the current VDISPLAY setting.
  • Percentile Computations using EMPCDFAVG Method:
    Some percentiles are computed incorrectly while using the EMPCDFAVG method.
  • Saving Data with Results in Discriminant Analysis:
    If saving of data is requested along with results from a discriminant analysis, the data are not saved properly.
  • Confidence Intervals of Contrast Estimates from GLM:
    The confidence intervals of Contrast Estimates from GLM are incorrect.
  • Interaction Terms in the Output of a Repeated Measures Analysis:
    Interaction terms like A*B*C are written as A*BC in the output of a repeated measures analysis.
  • Final Communality Estimates in Iterative Principal Axis Factor Analysis:
    In iterative principal axis factor analysis, if sorting of factor loadings is requested, the final communality estimates are not sorted.
  • CONSTRAIN Command in TSLS:
    If a CONSTRAIN command is issues in TSLS without specifying the value of the coefficient, SYSTAT crashes.
  • MDS, K-Median Clustering in the Presence of By Groups Variables:
    If MDS or K-Median clustering is requested in the presence of by groups variables, SYSTAT crashes.
  • LAD Regression for a Model without the Constant and the Simplex Method:
    If LAD regression is requested for a model without the constant and the simplex method, SYSTAT crashes.
  • Repeated Measures GLM with Unequally Spaced Polynomials:
    If a repeated measures GLM with unequally spaced polynomials is requested, SYSTAT gives an error message.

SYSTAT 11 Update

SYSTAT 11 Patch 00.01: (673 KB)

Installation Instructions:

  • Close SYSTAT if open
  • Download the zipped file to your machine desktop
  • Unzip the file
  • Double click the file to execute it
  • Follow the prompts during installation

NOTE: In order to install this patch, you will need to insert the SYSTAT 11 original CD or access to the installation file for SYSTAT 11.


  • The menu option for confidence limits on scatterplots does not seem to work. Even if the option for a 95% confidence limit on the regression is checked, the command is not reflected in the output, and the limits do not appear on the graph.
  • Upper ASCII characters, like ä, ö, Ã¥, etc., or signs like < or >, cannot be used in text annotations for graphs.
  • The REM statements are not echoed in the Output even though the "Echo commands in output" is checked in the Output tab of the Global Options dialog.
  • The list of fonts on the Data tab of the Global Options dialog box is not in alphabetic order. On the Output tab, the monospaced font combo-box omits several installed monospaced fonts. The same font is displayed properly as a choice under the Data tab and under the Graph tab, but not in either place under the Output tab.
  • If the measurement unit is changed to centimeter in the Graph tab of the Global Options dialog box, and then SYSTAT is re-opened, it crashes.
  • The Dirichlet distribution computations are incorrect.
  • Any input given in the Functions of Parameters tab of the Nonlinear: Estimate Model dialog box is not recognized.
  • While doing a Mixed Regression on Hierarchical data through the dialog box, even if one or more variables are specified as dummy-coded in the Category tab, SYSTAT doesn’t recognize any variable as dummy-coded.
  • Gauge R & R works fine after performing any one of Least Squares Regression, Analysis of Variance:Estimate Model, GLM:Estimate Model or MANOVA:Estimate Model. However re-running the same analysis after Gauge R & R, causes SYSTAT 11 to still perform the Gauge R & R analysis.
  • On opening a saved SYSTAT output file (.syo) containing a graph with legends and double clicking this graph, it opens in the Graph Editor with labels overlapped.
  • SYSTAT does not seem to recognize the A matrix that has been entered in the GLM:Hypothesis Test dialog box.
  • SYSTAT issues an "Out of Memory" error when there are 52 or more "IF THEN ELSE" clauses in a BASIC program.
  • When exporting graphs to EPS format, SYSTAT breaks the text strings for axis titles into separate strings per character, instead of single strings.

After installing the patch, the SYSTAT version number will be changed to 11.00.01 and can be verified in the Help:About box.