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SYSTAT 13 Reviewed in Scientific Computing

Scientific Computing, the leading information technology publication for the sciences, has published a review of SYSTAT 13. The full review can be seen here:

The author, Dr. John Wass, writes in part: “Despite the power and depth in this version, the most impressive feature is the inherent simplicity. In the early versions the novice could easily get frustrated in deciphering what the dialog box was really asking for and feeding it the proper data types.

This is to say nothing about approaching the level of sophistication required to fully understand the depth of the statistical results presented. Now everything seems so intuitive that as with many programs, the learning curve is tilted in favor of the novice (though it still requires some statistical understanding on the part of the analyst!).

While many programs containing the newer simulation and data mining software (SYSTAT 13 contains a highly efficient Classification & Regression Tree algorithm) come with astronomical price tags, this software is still quite reasonable. Interested readers are encouraged to download the 30-day trial, and the many intuitive operations should delight the novice.”