SYSTAT – Data Management


Data Management

  • Longer variable names and strings of up to 256 characters
  • Undo/Redo of data modifications
  • Import of numerous file formats like Microsoft Excel™, SAS®, SPSS®, Minitab, StatView, Stata, Statistica, JMP, BMDP™, Arc View®, S-Plus , dBASE®, ODBC, text file and more
  • Improved data editor with friendlier context menus
  • Variable editor to manage the variable properties in a better way
  • Simultaneous viewing of multiple data files with an option to set any one of them active for use in an analysis
  • Enhanced copy and paste functionality in the data editor
  • Selective printing of data
  • Data processing conditions like frequency etc are shown in the data editor which can be modified easily with mouse clicks
  • Variable statistics for a variable to give summary information about the variable
  • Extracting of selected cases or a subset of variables into a new file
  • Data files can be saved with value labels, variable labels and data processing conditions like frequency, weight and more
  • Recovery of unsaved data files on abnormal termination
  • Data trimming for a proportion of extreme values
  • Computation of new variables: arithmetic operators, relational operators, logical operators, IF... THEN transformations, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, multivariate, character, date and time functions
  • Wichmann-Hill random number generator along with more powerful Mersenne-Twister
  • Matrix computations are completely menu-driven
  • Dialog boxes (e.g. Graph color combo; If-Then-Let Dialog Box) with multiple parameter entries; entries can added or deleted by the user
  • Drag-n-drop, Right Click menu to ease the selection of variables in different dialog boxes
  • Display of range values of input fields at tool tips in all dialog boxes
  • Ranking and standardization of variables
  • Management of missing values
  • Labeling and ordering categories
  • Sorting or transposing of data; merger or appending of files
  • Creation of temporary data sets