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Sigmascan Pro

"As a longtime SigmaScan Pro user, I’m very pleased with version 5.0. It’s efficient and fast, and I don’t know of any other program that offers the flexibility of SigmaScan Pro."

Daniel Samborsky, Research Engineer Montana State University

"The powerful automation features provide limitless opportunities to scientists in any imaging application."

Dr. Farid Bal’a, Research Scientist Mississippi State University Food Science and Technology

"SigmaScan Pro combines ease of use with the features (including the ability to handle very large images) that I need and has the best histogram that I’ve seen among IA software packages. It is easy to configure the software in precisely the way I want it."

Peter Lee, Senior Scientist University of Wisconsin-Madison

"SigmaScan makes image measurements so easy that I’ll never go back to my old expensive system."

Rick Lemaster, Scientist

"The histogram stretch and zooming features are intuitive and easy to use. Measuring areas was very quick and easy. I just outlined my region of interest with my mouse and the area measurements showed up automatically in the worksheet."

Peter Eastman, Conservation Department, Art Museum

"SigmaScan Pro (….) is a wonderful product, the features on color are great. It’s easy to work with, it’s logical, it’s intuitive, it’s the fastest way. We are fans of the product."

Prof. Elsa Sampaio, Dept. of Geo-science and Prof. Joao Sampaio, Dept. of History, Universidade de Evora Evora, Portugal

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