SigmaScan Pro - Applications

Sigmascan Pro

The applications for SigmaScan Pro are literally unlimited. Below are some of the many real world applications that SigmaScan Pro can champion.

Accurately determine areas of distances and highlight specific areas, such as roads and greenery.

Sigmascan Pro : Aerial / Satellite Photography

Quickly count and measure cells, organisms or features. apply automation to your growth studies.

Sigmascan Pro : Biological Sciences

Measure particle size and shape from microscopic slides or micrographs. Column statistics in the worksheet display your ranges automatically.

Sigmascan Pro : Chemistry

Obtain accurate size and area measurements from video input of detailed structures.

Sigmascan Pro : Chemistry

Printed circuit board design, analysis and annotation is simplified from a photo or scanned image. Exact positions and connections are easy to measure.

Sigmascan Pro : Chemistry

Apply color lookup tables to grayscale images to highlight image features that aid in your diagnosis.

Sigmascan Pro : Chemistry

Turn astrophysical images into qualitative data and descriptive presentations.

Sigmascan Pro : Chemistry

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