SigmaPlot – How to Cite SigmaPlot

How to Cite SigmaPlot Used in Research Papers and Publications

SigmaPlot is graphing and statistical analysis software that takes you beyond simple spreadsheets and helps you present your work clearly and precisely.

Since SigmaPlot and SigmaStat are well established scientific software products, one would only need to cite “SigmaPlot Version XX.X” in the materials used or methods section of your paper.

Another and more simple way is to reference SigmaPlot without listing its version number , would look like this:

SigmaPlot (Systat Software, San Jose, CA)


If you used one of the curve fit functions of SigmaPlot you might cite:

"The data was fit with a modified three parameter exponential decay using SigmaPlot version XX.X, from Systat Software, Inc., San Jose California USA,"