AutoSignal - Graphs



  • Titles, axis labels, font size, font selection, grid, color schemes, point formats, axis scaling, log axis scaling, toggle data, reference data and function label display, modify contour and mesh properties.
  • Save and import Views for standardized layouts.
  • 3D Graph View: View angles, size in frame, illumination angular shifts, perspectives, backplanes, add contour plots.
  • 3D Graph Types: Wire frame, mesh plot, 15 gradient plots, 4 shaded plots.
  • Gradient and shaded plots use up to 48 colors.
  • Plot formats: Real, Imaginary, Magnitude, Maginitude2, Phase, Mag/Phase (dual plot), Amplitude, Ampl/Phase (dual plot), dB, dB Norm, PSD SSA, PSD MSA, PSD TISA, Variance, Lomb, Prony ESD, Min Variance spectrum, MUSIC eigenvector and Wavelet spectrum.

Graphical Review

  • Spectral peaks are identified graphically; select the number of peaks to detect.
  • Display maxima with spectral peak labels: frequencies, spectral magnitudes, both frequencies and spectral magnitudes, none.
  • Statistical feedback: set confidence/prediction intervals, show confidence/prediction intervals, error bars, critical limits, display residuals, display residuals as % of Y, residuals as fraction of SE, display residuals distribution, display delta SNP (stabilized normal probability) plot.
  • 3D Graph animation.
  • Intellimouse rotation of 3D view angles.
  • Mesh resolution up to 300 x 300.
  • View residuals, plot roots and plot AR selection criteria.

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