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AutoSignal is the Automatic Choice For State-of-the-Art Signal Analysis

Unlike any other tools, AutoSignal has an easy-to-use automated interface that requires no programming to perform signal analysis. AutoSignal provides sophisticated tools for researchers to identify the underlying physical process that produces a given waveform. Every step of your analysis is automated. AutoSignal saves you the time normally required in performing calculations or programming. Filter, process and analyze your complex signals with interactive graphics and detailed numerical summaries.

AutoSignalâ„¢ is a powerful solution that solves real world problems - fast!

AutoSignal gives researchers the power to rapidly find components of complex signals that normally require extensive programming and mathematical routines. AutoSignal provides a vast array of spectral analysis procedures to help you make intelligent conclusions for any application. Built-in spectral analysis procedures include:

  • Communication signal identification and analysis
  • Signal interference monitoring
  • Control systems analysis
  • Audio system analysis
  • Voice recognition and speech processing
  • Signature analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Acoustical analysis
  • Radar signal analysis
  • Analog circuit testing
  • Signal detectors
  • Sea spectra study
  • Astrophysics

Autosignalâ„¢ provides a wide selection of state-of-the-art methods, including: spectral analysis, filtration and data reconstruction via FFT, parametric, eigen and wavelet methods. Time domain algorithms for smoothing, interpolating and prediction, can be used. Furthermore, AutoSignal can be used in a classroom or lab to help students apply the theories they've learned in their classes such as signal theory or physics.

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