PreSys & NISA for Geomagic Design

PreSys™ for NISA

Proven Finite Element Tools for Geomagic Design - 

A full-featured, simulation solution for linear static and eigenvalue analysis.

PreSys & NISA for Geomagic Design

PreSys and NISA, advanced finite element analysis tools, are now combined for use by Geomagic users.  This full-featured package allows users to automatically convert Geomagic CAD data into finite element models, define material and loading constraints and perform a design simulation.  This type of analysis allows engineers to identify potential problems and improve product designs, reducing product development time and cost, while improving performance.

PreSys, a Pre/Post-Processor with a strong heritage, allows the user to create even the most complex finite element models easily. It is a full-featured, core solution that can be used on its own or with a variety of available add-on applications. The system offers advanced automeshing tools to provide the highest quality mesh with little CAD data preparation on imported or created geometries.  All required analysis data can be created via intuitive forms.

The solver engine, NISA is one of the most comprehensive engineering analysis suites available and has been an engineer’s favorite for more than 40 years.  It is capable of extremely accurate linear static and eigenvalue analyses.


PreSys & NISA for Geomagic Design

Static Analysis Features:

Material Properties

Boundary Conditions

PreSys & NISA for Geomagic Design

Printed & Graphical Output

Eigenvalue Analysis

Modal Dynamic Analysis