NISA Mechanical - HEAT

NISA Mechanical

NISA Mechanical - HEAT

NISA/Heat is a general purpose finite element program to analyze a wide spectrum of problems encountered in heat transfer.

Analysis Features

  • Linear and nonlinearĀ 
    • Nonlinearity due to material properties and/or boundary conditions, such as temperature-dependent thermal conductivity and phase change (melting and freezing)
  • Steady state and transient
  • Time integration techniques (forward difference, trapezoidal, backward difference)
  • Constant or variable time step conditions
  • Loading and boundary conditions may be time- and/or temperature-dependent
  • Radiation effects with view factor calculation
  • Restarts
  • Automatic submodeling in user-defined regions for more accurate stress calculations

NISA Mechanical - HEAT

Material Properties

  • Isotropic and orthotropic
  • Time- and/or temperature-dependent


  • Concentrated heat flows
  • Distributed heat flux
  • Internal heat generation, node or element

Boundary Conditions

  • Specified nodal temperature
  • Coupled temperatures
  • Convection and Radiation

Nonlinear Capabilities

  • Temperature-dependent material properties
  • Time- and temperature-dependent boundary conditions
    • Convection
    • Radiation
  • Phase changes (melting and freezing)
  • Surface radiation with view factor calculation


  • Nodal temperature time history
  • Temperature gradients in shells
  • Temperature distribution at specified time step
  • Nodal heat values

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