DSP, Embedded & Analog Development Tools

Starcom Information Technology Limited (SITL) is a Scientific & Engineering Products and Solutions provider. Under Starcom University relations and Services, we strive to drive excellence in teaching-learning experience through setting up world class laboratory infrastructure and enabling the teaching staff and students on the latest Embedded & Analog Development tools, technologies and methodologies.

Our portfolio of offerings spans DSP/Embedded/Analog Product Sales & Support, Consultancy, FDP, Student Programs and other academic activities across multiple disciplines of engineering such as ECE, EEE, TCE, CSE, Instrumentation & Medical Electronics

Our Embedded and Analog Portfolio will help users in observing the practical behaviour of the embedded system or Analog system as per their theoretical concepts. They help in learning the fundamental concepts, performing lab experiments, developing custom projects and guide in a way to become an expert in electronic system design.

Embedded Tools

Embedded processors are the processing brains of electronics that gather inputs from analog chips and perform computational processing to operate a system. Embedded processors can be low power and enable long battery life or energy efficient products, or they can be high performance...

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Analog Tools

Analog signal processing cannot be completely avoided since the real world is analog in nature. Analog products connect the physical and the digital worlds. The goal of Analog Development Tools is to provide students an exposure to the fascinating world of analog and mixed signal processing...

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